More than 20 years of doing business and 70 projects and clients from the financial sector, tourism, industry, transport infrastructure, government and EU bodies and institutions


• Media relations
• Media trainings
• Crisis management
• EU visibility projects
• Project management
• Event management
• Internal communication
• Corporate communication
• Public relations in tourism
• Corporate social responsibility
Business consultancy
TV production and photography
Web and graphic design

Teneo Public Relations

Since 2001, Croatia-based company TENEO PR Consulting has been specialized in individual, tailor-made projects in the fields of public relations and marketing consulting. Teneo cooperates with the largest Croatian and regional (EU) public relations & advertising agencies.

Media Relations

Upon a client’s request, Teneo will prepare a communication study of an organization,
including an analysis of the external perception of one’s company or product.
By way of an independent analysis, we will pinpoint both negative and positive examples, and possible ways to deal with everyday challenges.

Some of the most frequently used tools are as follows:
• Communication plans and tactics
• Monthly press clippings & analysis
• Media mailing lists
• Press releases, media briefings & interviews
• Preparation for public speaking engagements
• Press conferences and events
• Social media

Community Relations

Communicate with the local community on time and in a way that suits you best.
Plan and announce a possible environmental impact or restructuring process before it slides into an uncontrollable crisis. Anticipate your key stakeholder´s positions and agendas because they are often one of your most important assets (or burdens).

Prepare the local community and stakeholders for future moves and control their reactions throughout:
• Action plans & strategies
• Meeting the community´s leaders and representatives
• Special events and gatherings
• Preparing bulletins, leaflets and other periodicals
• Social media

Crisis Management

No matter how hard you try, crises are sometimes unavoidable.
Work-related accidents, problems with liquidity and firings, pollution…These are all unfortunate situations in which you are required to defend yourself and explain your actions and attitudes.

Some of the most frequently used actions are as follows:
• Crisis analysis and evaluation, predicting the target audiences’ reactions
Preparation of the crisis resolution strategy
• Preparation and execution of the step-by-step crisis management plan including the following:
– Preparing a mailing list and a media plan
– Contacting both the public and the media: press releases, briefings and press conferences
– Local community and target audience communication plan
– Communication with the key stakeholders (employees/unions, suppliers, regulatory agencies…)
– Revision of the actions taken and identification of the main success points for future use

Internal Communication

The building of the image of a successful company begins within the company itself.

The degree of your employees´ job satisfaction and motivation is a measurable and continuous process that you can influence:
• How often and in what way do you communicate with your employees?
• How do you convey important messages and motivate your employees to achieve the goals?

The INTERNAL COMMUNICATION program can provide answers to most of the challenges of the modern business communication. Whether your company consists of 50 or 500 employees, Teneo will recommend quality, easy-to-manage and cost-effective models of internal communication.
The service includes the following:
• Creating an internal communication plan
• Preparing and publishing newsletters, flyers and other publications
• Shaping the channels of the news distribution (intranet, bulletin boards, Q&A boxes, communicators)
• Execution of the events intended to strengthen the corporate identity
• Educating the personnel about the internal communication in crises
• CSR concepts and employee activation schemes

EU Visibility Projects

• Project management
• Developing communication strategies and plans
• Identifying main challenges, stakeholders, risks and opportunities
• Developing key messages for all publics and designing dissemination tools and channels
• Event management
• Media trainings
• Social media
• Reporting and evaluation procedures

Professional brochures and other publications

• Developing concepts and designs
• Drafting professional texts and presentations
• Design and printing

Media Training and Education

• Tailor-made workshops and trainings
• How to effectively communicate with our audiences
• What are the risks and challenges
• Understanding the roles of both media and social media
• Public and media appearances – how to effectively deliver key messages and communicate with the media

Destination Management in Tourism

Increase your destination’s potential by creating additional value for tourists and prolong the season.
Create plans and implement projects which can boost business potentials of your community, engage different stakeholders, increase the overall visibility and be more profitable in your business.

The most common DM activities are as follows:
• DM project management
• Gastronomy tours & projects
• Themed parties & festivals
• Excursions & entertainment events
• Education & local stakeholder engagement
• Branding & promotion

Human resources & business consulting

In cooperation with the Pilgrim business consultancy, we are able to offer a broader spectrum of services related to human resource management and organizational structure development:

• Organizational analysis & HR audit
• Performance management system design & implementation
• Development of competency models
• 360-degree feedback
• Assistance in the development and implementation of business strategies (the Balanced Scorecard approach)
• Organizational climate development
• Development and implementation of manager competency development programs
• Support for the development of HR departments and corporate communication

TV production and photography

In collaboration with Kadar22, a production company, we offer the service of producing corporate and other commissioned films:

• Making electronic press kits
• Portrait photography and drone filming
• Producing TV news items and reports
• Filming and photographing corporate events
• Producing commissioned short and feature films

Web and Graphic Design

In collaboration with DobarPotez, a web design company, we offer the service of creating presentational web pages or web shops:

• Web Pages
• Web Shops
• Graphic design
• Branding
• Content management


Key clients and projects carried out independently or cooperatively with partners


• MA in journalism
• Certified public relations expert (HUOJ-CSOJ)
• Specialist courses and trainings in general management, corporate social responsibility, marketing and public relations
• More than 20 years of professional experience
• Proficiency in media relations, corporate communication, crisis, management, event management and corporate social responsibility

Over the years, Alan has been responsible for the media relations, business development, strategic consulting, media trainings, and event management of numerous domestic and international clients in the Republic of Croatia. His portfolio ranges from industry, finance, tourism, politics, EU institutions and campaigns, and NGO sector to lifestyle, sports, and culture. Alan was also a board member of the national PR association (HUOJ) and jury member for the annual Superbrands Croatia and PRO PR Vision City national awards. He also served as an advisor to the World Bank on the now completed project titled Road Sector Reform in the Republic of Croatia. In 2020, the project received HUOJ’s Grand PRix Award in the category of public relations in institutions. Presently, Alan is strategic communication consultant at the Croatian Chamber of Economy (HGK), where he also headed the communications department. He is one of the jury members for the annual Grand PRix Awards for the period between 2023 and 2025., and attends the newly launched Executive MBA in Strategic Communication at the Edward Bernays University of Applied Sciences.


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